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Savor the Flavor

grab a famous thin crust pizza from pizza king


Grab one of our famous pizzas with our authentic, time-honored secret recipe!

complement your main dish with a fresh salad from pizza king


Complement your main dish with some extra flavor, nutrition, or a tasty dessert.

try a hot and delicious sandwich from pizza king


Not in the mood for a pie? No problem! Try one of our delicious sandwiches instead!

get that home cooked pasta flavor you crave at pizza king


Either on the side or by itself, savor the home-cooked flavor of our hearty pasta!

About the Owners

Pizza King - Ladoga

My love of Pizza King has brought me back to Indiana.  All my adult life I owned and operated an authentic Italian restaurant in Illinois.  Every trip home included a stop at of one of my favorite Pizza King locations.  My family used to make fun of me for wanting Pizza King pizza at Thanksgiving.  Every time family came for a visit, I would request a Pizza King pizza.  This is why I strive to make the most original Pizza King pizza every time.  I want it to be just the way I remember it, every time.  I always thought that if I could bottle up nostalgia and sell it, I would be a millionaire. I am not rich, but it makes me happy to provide a piece of that nostalgia to my customers.

We look forward to serving you!

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